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Dealing with Hoarding Around You


Learn more about help for Hoarders Around You

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Risks of Hoarding

Hoarding is dangerous to more than just the hoarder. Learn the risks. 

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8 Types of Hoarders to Lookout for

In the case of a violent crime you will have police and an investigation. Let's tell you more. 

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Fair Housing Laws and Their Impact

Dealing with a hoarder can be complex to navigate. Let us help. 

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Hoarding is a Disability

Hoarding is a disability. Learn what that means for you. 

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Learn the Levels of Hoarding

There are 5 severities of hoarding. Learn the sign of all of them. 

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Learn About The Landlord / Hoarder Intervention

If you are a landlord and need to step it up to action. Let us give you some tips. 

FREE eBook: Learn from our 15+ Years Experience with Hoarding Assistance

Hoarding is destructive to your property values as well as theirs. There are many ways to go about working with a harder to get them to clean up the mess. In this free eBook download, Spaulding Decon teaches you lessons learned from over 15+ years dealing with Hoarding Cleanup and the psychology behind hoarding disorders.

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